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Dog Chuckle 3 --------------

Topic: cats-dogs

Dog Chuckle #3 --------------

Debbie and Glenn Bodman were planning a vacation in Florida, but

they didn't know what to do with their dog. So Mr. Bodman wrote the

hotel manager and asked if dogs were allowed. He promptly answered:

"Dear Sir:

"I've been in the hotel business for thirty years and I've

never had to call the police to eject a disorderly dog; never had

a dog set fire to a bed with a cigarette; never found a hotel

towel in a dog's suitcase; and never had a dog leave a glass ring

on the top of the dresser. Your dog is welcome.

Signed: Manager Smith

"P.S. If your dog will vouch for you, you can come along, too."

ALPHA v0.3