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How Dogs Are Like Cars -----------------------

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How Dogs Are Like Cars: -----------------------

1-They have bad breath.

2-If you park a new one in your living room, it may soil the carpet.

3-Some of the newer models have the charming dog-like habit of getting alarmed at anyone who passes within 100 feet of their parking space waking up everyone in the neighborhood at 2:00 am, until you make it shut up.

4-People give them silly names.

5-Big ones require a lot of space.

6-Fancy, expensive purebreds are more temperamental.

7-If they make funny noises, it means there's trouble.

8-Other people's cars (but never your own) can be a nuisance.

9-They require a lot of attention and expensive maintenance. If you don't give it to them, they will require even more expensive maintenance.

10-You are held legally responsible for what they do.

11-They chase cars.

12-People talk to them even though they don't listen.

13-They have appeared in TV shows and movies in which they were more intelligent and interesting than any of the humans involved.

14-You have to get a license to own one.

15-You can find out where they come from by looking at their tags.

16-Clothing looks silly on them (especially bras).

17-They come with their own internal heating systems that can keep you warm in the winter.

18-There are a lot of blind people using them (your perspective only).

19-Sometimes fluid leakage is a problem.

20-Sentimentality can cause you to buy a lot of expensive toys for them.

21-They cost a lot to feed. (This varies according to breed and size.)

22-They have their own agendas that have nothing to do with yours.

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