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Performance Review ------------------

Topic: corporate

PERFORMANCE REVIEW ------------------

Rating Description _______________________________________________________________________

Technical Ability --1-- Leaps tall buildings in a single bound --2-- Leaps short buildings with a running start --3-- Barely clears a quonset hut --4-- Crashes into buildings --5-- Trips over doorsteps entering building

Customer relations --1-- Gives policy to God --2-- Converses with God --3-- Talks to angels --4-- Talks to animals --5-- Mumbles to himself

Territory Management --1-- Walks on water --2-- Walks on water in an indoor swimming pool --3-- Swims in water --4-- Drinks water --5-- Passes water

Administrative Ability--1-- Faster than a speeding bullet --2-- As fast as a speeding bullet --3-- Faster than a speeding BB --4-- Is not issued ammunition --5-- Wets self with a water pistol

Other Abilities --1-- More powerful than a locomotive --2-- As powerful as a locomotive --3-- As powerful as a buffalo --4-- Looks like a buffalo --5-- Smells like a buffalo

ALPHA v0.3