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How To Succeed Without Talent ------------------------------

Topic: corporate

How To Succeed Without Talent: ------------------------------

1. Study to look tremendously important.

2. Speak with great assurance. Stick to generally accepted facts.

3. Avoid arguments; if challenged, fire an irrelevant question at your antagonist and intently polish your glasses while he tries to answer. As an alternative, hum under your breath while examining your fingernails.

4. Contrive to mingle with important people.

5. Before talking with a man you wish to impress, ferret out his remedies or current problems, then advocate them strongly.

6. Listen while others wrangle. Pluck out a platitude and defend it righteously.

7. When asked a question by a subordinate, give him a "have you lost your mind" stare until he glances down, then paraphrase the question back at him.

8. Acquire a capable stooge, but keep him in the background.

9. In offering to perform a service, imply your complete familiarity.

10. Arrange to be the clearinghouse for all complaints--it encourages the thought that you are in control.

11. Never acknowledge thanks for your attention; this will implant subconscious obligation in the mind of your victim.

12. Carry yourself in the grand manner. Refer to your associates as "some of the boys in our office." Discourage light conversation that might bridge the gap between boss and man.

13. Walk swiftly from place to place as if engrossed in affairs of great moment. Keep your office door closed. Interview by appointment only and give orders by memoranda. Remember, you are a big shot and you don't give a damn who knows it.

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