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The Chinaman In The Cigarette Shop

Topic: ethnic

The Chinaman in the Cigarette Shop ----------------------------------

There was this Chinese guy working in a cigarette shop. When a customer came in and asked, "How much are your cigarettes?" He replied, "Me not know."

The manager became angry and said, "You're supposed to say 10 cents."

About 5 minutes later, another customer came in. He asked, "How much are your cigarettes?" The Chinese man said, "10 cents."

The customer asked, "Are they fresh?" Again the China man's reply was, "Me not know."

The manager, angry yet understanding told him to say, "Very very fresh."

And yet another customer came in. "How much are your cigarettes?" he asked. "10 cents," came the answer. "Are they fresh?" the customer inquired. The Chinese man said, "Very very fresh." "Should I buy them?" asked the customer. "Me not know," said the Chinese employee.

The manager said, "You should say 'If you don't, somebody else will'."

A few minutes later, a robber entered the shop. "How much ya got in that cash register?" he held a gun to the China man's head. The employee smiled and said, "10 cents."

"Are you talking fresh with me?" the robber asked. "Very very fresh," came the reply.

"Want me to blow your brains out?" questioned the robber.

The answer came. "If you don't, somebody else will."

ALPHA v0.3