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How Indians Tell Time ---------------------

Topic: ethnic

How Indians Tell Time ---------------------

One day a man is walking through the desert and spots a naked Indian laying down with an erection. He goes up to him and asks him what he is doing.

The Indian replies, looking at his penis, "Hum, me telling time."

The man snickers and says "What time is it?"

The Indian says "1:30."

The man pulls out his pocket watch and sure enough it is 1:30.

The man continues to walk on and spots another naked Indian with an erection. He stops and says, "I guess you are telling time also."

The Indian raises his head looking at his penis and says "3:40."

The man pulls out his watch and sure enough it is 3:40.

He continues on walking and this time he spots another Indian squatted down masturbating. The man walks up and says, "Just what are you doing?"

The Indian replies, "Me windin' watch"

ALPHA v0.3