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Intelligence ------------

Topic: ethnic

Intelligence ------------

There were two black guys digging a ditch in the hot Texas sun. One stops and asks the other, "Hey, how come we're down here working so hard when that white guy is up there sipping lemonade in the shade?"

"I don't know, why don't ya go ask him?" the other replies. The first guy climbs out and walks over to the white guy. "Hey, how come we's working so hard and you're not?" he asks.

"Well, I'll tell ya, boy. It's 'cause I got intelligence, and you ain't," the white man said.

"Intelligence -- what's that?" the black dude asks.

"I'll show ya," the white man says. He places his hand on the tree trunk and says, "Here, hit my hand with your shovel."


"Just do it," the white man says.

The black guy pulls his shovel back and swings it hard as he can, but just before it hits, the white man pulls his hand away. The shovel hits the tree and just about vibrates the black guy to death. "Now, that's intelligence," the white man says.

The black guy climbs back into the ditch. "What'd he say?" the other one asks. "He says we're down here workin' cause he's got intelligence, and we ain't" the first one replies.

"Intelligence -- what's that?" asked the other. "Well, let me show ya," the first one says. He looks around for a tree, but finding none, places his hand across his face. "Now take your shovel and hit me as hard as you can..."

ALPHA v0.3