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Barbara Walters Interview -------------------------

Topic: ethnic

BARBARA WALTERS INTERVIEW -------------------------

One day Barbara Walters was doing a documentary on American Indians. After touring through a reservation she noticed a difference in the feathers in each braves headdress. She was curious and went over to a brave with 1 feather and asked him about this. He replied, "Me have one squaw, so me have one feather."

She went to another brave asking him, thinking the other was joking. He replied "My have 4 feathers, so me sleep with four squaws." She looked at him in a weird look and turned and saw the chief. he had many, many feathers.

Ms. Walters asked, "Why do you have so many feathers?"

The chief replied, "Me chief, fuck 'em all! Big, small, fat, tall! Me fuck 'em all!"

Barbara cried, "You should be hung!"

The chief replied, "You damn right me hung! Big like buffalo, long like snake!"

Ms. Walters said, "You shouldn't be so hostile!"

The chief said, "Hoss-style, dog-style, wolf-style, ANY style! Me fuck 'em all!"

Barbara cried, "Oh, dear!"

The chief said, "No! No fuck deer! Asshole too high! Fuckers run too fast! NO FUCK DEER!

ALPHA v0.3