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Two Irish Men Were Waiting To Be Interviewed For A Job. The

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Two Irish men were waiting to be interviewed for a job. The foreman wasn't too particular about who he employed, his interview technique was simple: he held up a hand and if the applicant could tell him if it was his right hand or his left hand, he got the job. The first Irishman went in, passed the test and came out again.

"How did it go Seamus?" Paddy asked anxiously.

"Twas easy," said Seamus and explained what he had been asked to do.

"I'm sunk," said Paddy. "I've never known which was which."

"Now Paddy, sure you only have to remember for five minutes." Seamus proceeded to coach Paddy on left and right.

When it was Paddy's turn the foreman beckoned him in and started to rub his hands together much to Paddy's dismay.

"Bejasus," he blurted out. "Don't shuffle them!"

ALPHA v0.3