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The Lady And The Conductor --------------------------

Topic: ethnic

The Lady and The Conductor --------------------------

One day a black woman got on the train with her baby. She found a good seat and was just getting comfortable when a very drunk guy got on and sat across from her. He took one look at the baby and threw up his arms and said, "Lady, where you get that ugly baby from?"

The lady was very upset but tried to ignore the drunk. However he kept on with his remarks. "That baby look like he been whipped with a ugly stick." And "You better give that baby back to the zoo you done stole him from." Pretty soon the lady couldn't take any more and she rang for the conductor.

When he arrived he could hear the drunk guy as soon as he opened the door. He knew he better act fast, so he grabbed the drunk, escorted him to the door, and tossed him off the train. Coming back to the lady he began to apologize for the treatment she had received, but it was too late. She was going on and on about how upset she was. "I never been treated so bad in all my days." And "There ought be a law against drunks like that." But what caught the conductors ears was when she said, "I gone sue this train, that right, I gone sue for everything it got." Realizing that his job could be at stake the conductor did some quick figuring in his head. And being something of a silver tongued devil he began to smooth out the ladys feelings. What finally did the trick was when he said, "Come on back to the dining car and we'll treat you to the finest meal you've eaten. All the trimmings and on the house, and we'll just forget all about this incident."

It was enough to convince the lady to let it go. A good meal and she would feel a lot better about it all. The conductor helped her to her feet and gathered up all her things for her, all the time telling her whatever sounded good enough to sooth things out even more. Finally she picked up her baby and was set to go, and the conductor said, "That's good, bring your monkey too, and we'll try to find him a banana."

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