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The Bear --------

Topic: ethnic

THE BEAR --------

There was a trucker who'd been driving for 22 hours straight. No stops, no rest. He rolls into one of these seedy looking motels (the ones with hourly rates) one morning and parks his truck. He gets out of the truck & goes to the office. The seedy looking desk clerk rents him a room for the night, and as the trucker is heading for his room, the desk clerk asks him if he'd like some "female company" for the evening. He goes on to describe her as a blonde, really built, and always ready for sex. He said, "They call her the Bear."

The trucker replies, "No, I've been driving too long, and I'm to exhausted to enjoy it." The desk clerk tells him that if he changes his mind, to call and he could have the "Bear" come by. The trucker walks across the parking lot, and spies a gorgeous blonde woman, built, and has a T-shirt on that says "The Bear."

He goes into his room, and the more he thinks about the woman, the harder and hornier he gets. Finally, he's as hard as a rock and randy to boot. He calls the desk clerk and says he's changed his mind. "She'll be there in about an hour," the clerk says.

So, the trucker strips and gets into bed. His thoughts keep progressing, and soon his bedsheets look like a tent. Theres a knock on the door, and he hollers "Come In!" figuring it to be the Bear. Instead, its the maid, a black woman, on her morning cleanup detail. She starts to her work, but sees the tent in his bed, and curiosity overcomes her. She asks him, "What's that under the covers there?"

He says, "That's my rifle."

She asks him, "Do you mind if I look at it?"

He says, "Naw, I guess it's okay. Go ahead."

She pulls back the covers, and its bigger than she imagined it. At least a foot long, and thicker than her arm. She says, "Hmmmm. You mind if I sit on it?"

The trucker says, "HELL NO! This thing's loaded for Bear! It'll tear a 'coon all to hell!"

ALPHA v0.3