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Top Ten Reasons To Leave Britain For America

Topic: ethnic


10) In America, syphilitic tarts are in the tabloids, not on the throne.

9) American football players beat the living crap out of each other. In Britain, football *fans* beat the living crap out of each other.

8) Not enough commercials on TV.

7) Willing to trade health care for last few remaining teeth.

6) Getting drunk and puking guts out not considered recreational activity in the States.

5) Two words: English food.

4) Last jazz club in England closed when skinheads broke band's fingers.

3) Britons no longer impressed by your accent.

2) Can't stand the hypocrisy of carping about American imperialism while oppressing the Irish and jailing innocent people.

and the number one reason to leave "Britain" for America:

1) Want to get further away from France.

ALPHA v0.3