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One Night At A Bar

Topic: ethnic

One Night At A bar

An Asian American walks into a bar. He sits down and looks at the bartender who is an African American.

Oriental: "Hey there BOY, give me a drink."

Bartender: "Oh man, that's not right. Why you talk to me like that?"

Oriental: "Come on blacky, give me a drink."

Bartender: "You know I really didn't think an another minority would use language like that. That's rude man."

Oriental: "Look Coon, give me a drink!"

Bartender: "OK that's enough. Look let me show you how it's feels to be treated badly by another. Get over here behind the bar, and I'll walk in and be the customer."

So the African American leaves, then walks back into the bar and sits down.

Bartender: "Hey you slant eyed chink! Give me a drink!" "There how does that feel."

Oriental: "Sorry, we don't serve niggers."

ALPHA v0.3