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Polish Motorcycle Club

Topic: ethnic

Polish Motorcycle Club

Application Form

"Hell's Babushkas"

Polski Motorcyklowy Klub

Formularz Zoloszewicwy


Nickname: (check) ___Stash ___Ski ___Oink ___Hey you ___Meathead

Make of bike: ___Honda ___Triumph ___Skidoo ___Kawanakowski ___Zboaczwski ___Schwinn

Number of wheels: ___1 ___2 ___3 ___4 ___5 ___Dunno

Shape of wheels: ___Round ___Square ___oval ___other

Does bike gots sidecar? ___ya ___na ___dunno

If ya, where is sidecar? ___front ___back ___underneat

Check style of club jacket desired:

___Black wit mushrooms on back

___Black wit stashu Liberdy on back

___Brown wit yellow stripe on back

___Red orange purple pink for weddings

___Natural color kielbasa skin wit six-pack on back

Official membership packet includes:

* Yellow babushka * Official Club training wheels * Can of Left Guard * Tour of Kowalski Sausage plant (with free samples) * Club bowling shirt (for church)

ALPHA v0.3