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Clarence Forsburg Tells A Story About A Preacher Who Went Out To

Topic: g-rated

Clarence Forsburg tells a story about a preacher who went out to make some house calls in the afternoon. He knocked at one door where no one answered. He kept knocking, louder and louder. Finally there was a tiny voice from within which said, "Come in. Come in." He tried the door and found it open and stepped inside the living room. He heard the voice again, "Come in. Come in." He followed the sound down the hallway and entered the kitchen. From inside the kitchen he heard the voice saying, "Come in. Come in." He looked around and found himself face to face with an enormous, ferocious, growling German Shepherd police dog. The dog lunged at the preacher, pinning him against the wall with his enormous paws on his shoulders, snarling and breathing fire and brimstone. At that moment the preacher saw a parrot sitting in a cage over to one side of the kitchen. The preacher, realizing that it was the parrot beckoning him to come in, said, "You stupid parrot! Don't you know any other words?

The parrot said, "Sic'em, sic'em!"

ALPHA v0.3