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A Man Began Having Some Very Strange Physical Symptoms At Work

Topic: g-rated

A man began having some very strange physical symptoms at work. He would get two distinct throbs in one rib, then in rhythm, his knee would throb twice and slight pain would go through his right ear. After a few hours of this, he became concerned enough to visit his doctor. After hours of exams and testing, the doctor told him to wait while he did some cross referencing in the computer system. Finally, he came back into the examining room with an ashen look in his face. "Bob, somehow you've contracted an extremely rare disease from the Amazon. 18 hours after the symptoms begin, your heart will stop".

After Bob got his emotions together and bid the doctor his final goodbye, he went right home. He related the whole story to his wife and after they had a good cry together, he said, "You know honey, with the little time we have together, I'd like nothing more than to go to bed right now and make love to you all night". She looked at him rather disgustedly and responded, "Sure, you can say that. You don't have to get up in the morning!"

ALPHA v0.3