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Brain Damage Quiz

Topic: g-rated

Brain Damage Quiz

Following is a quiz. Please answer all questions honestly, and to the best of your ability, or your answers may not be honest, or to the best of your ability.

1. t/f People tell me one thing one day and out the other.

2. t/f I can't unclasp my hands.

3. t/f I can wear my shirts as pants.

4. t/f I feel as much like I did yesterday as I do today.

5. t/f At parties, I like to sit by myself and collect a great deal of saliva.

6. t/f I often mistake my hands for food.

7. t/f I'd rather eat soap than little stones.

8. t/f I never liked room temperature.

9. t/f I line my pockets with hot cheese.

10. t/f My throat is closer than it seems.

11. t/f I am annoyed by the taste of my teeth.

12. t/f Sometimes I feel compelled to count the freckles on my arms over and over until I lose control of my bladder.

13. t/f Most things are better eaten than forgotten.

14. t/f Likes and dislikes are among my favorites.

15. t/f My patio is covered with killer frost.

16. t/f I've lost all sensation in my shirt.

17. t/f I try to swallow at least three times a day.

18. t/f My best friend is a social worker.

19. t/f I've always known when to close my eyes.

20. t/f My squirrels don't know where I am tonight.

21. t/f Little can be said for Luxembourg.

22. t/f No napkin is sanitary enough for me.

23. t/f I walk this way because I have to.

24. t/f Walls impede my progress.

25. t/f I can't find my marmots.

26. t/f I like mechanics magazines, but I would rather fondle a marine.

27. t/f My uncle is as stupid as paste.

28. t/f I can pet animals by the mouthful.

29. t/f My toes are numbered.

30. t/f Man's reach should exceed his overbite.

31. t/f People tell me I'm deaf.

32. t/f My beaver won't go near the water.

33. t/f I can find my ears, but I have to look for them.

34. t/f I don't like any of my loved ones.

35. t/f Sometimes I have the strange feeling that I've done something before.

36. t/f Sometimes I have the strange feeling that I've done something before.

37. t/f A good friend should stick to the ceiling when the going gets rough.

ALPHA v0.3