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Are Your Kids On Drugs?

Topic: g-rated


Many parents today are concerned that their offspring might somehow be involved in the world of illegal pharmaceuticals, or "drugs". This is a healthy concern. Knowing your kids are "high" is the first step toward helping them avoid problems with their health, their grades, the law, and getting those hard-to-clean vomit stains out of the Oriental rug.

KNOW THE WARNING SIGNS- select the option which best describes your child.

1. Your child's idea of a fun sport to play is:

A) tossing a pigskin ball around the yard

B) throwing an orange rubber ball into a netted hole

C) inserting a pointy needle into a vein and mixing foreign substances into the human bloodstream.

2. Your child's idea of a responsible adult is:

A) Bill Clinton

B) Tom Hanks

C) Charles Manson.

3. Your child's favorite hobbies include:

A) Model Rocketry

B) Baseball

C) Taking white, powdery substances from a big bag and breaking it down into many smaller bags.

4. Your child's pet is:

A) a puppy dog

B) a 16' python

C) a colony of imaginary bugs and spiders that crawl under their skin.

5. Your child's breath smells like:

A) a fresh, minty mountain top

B) lunch

C) an opium den.

6. When your young ones dress up to go out, they look like:

A) Fred and Ginger

B) Regis and Kathy Lee

C) Sid and Nancy.

7. Your child would identify Tijuana Gold as:

A) a precious metal

B) a Mexican theme park

C) a good deal, but not as potent as the stuff from Thailand.

8. When you ask your child how their day at school was at the dinner table they answer:

A) they scored a goal for their soccer team

B) they got the highest grade in class on a math test

C) they scored a dime bag and got high.

Total up the number of times you answered "C" to any of the questions, and consult the table below.

0 "C's"- Chances are your child is not on drugs. They probably aren't that exciting either. Kick them out of the house and force them to live on the cold streets for a few months to let them really appreciate life in all it's murkiness.

1-3 "C's"- Your child might be on drugs, but you can't be certain. Put a flashlight up to their face and flash it in their eyes. This doesn't really tell you anything, but it scares the pants off your kids and is kind of fun.

3-6 "C's"- You may as well face it, you've got a little druggie on your hands. Your child is a menace to society and must be dealt with accordingly. We suggest a good flaying to help them kick their nasty habit. Confiscate all their stash and send it to Ooze.

7-8 "C's"- Your child has never used drugs. No sir. Just smile nicely at them and slink out of the house. Never return.

ALPHA v0.3