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Topic: g-rated


Marcel pulled his moped up to a stoplight and on his right is a Corvette. He'd never seen a car like that before (small cajun town). He was leaned over looking inside of it with his face mashed up against the window. (Yes, Marcel is an idiot).

The driver of the Corvette was getting annoyed at him and was anxious for the light to change. Thinking, "I'm gonna leave this bumpkin behind so fast, his head will spin."

The light changed and driver punched the vette hard and never let off, leaving Marcel in a cloud of tire smoke. The driver, thinking highly of himself, looks in his rearview mirror... To his amazement he sees Marcel coming up from behind, fast!

Marcel passes the Corvette at godspeed and goes out of sight on up the road! The driver is confused. A second later Marcel is coming back just as fast, passes going the opposite way and goes out of sight again! All in the blink of an eye. The vette driver is really confused. To his amazement he sees Marcel coming up from behind again. But this time Marcel (on his moped) runs smack dab into the rear end of the Corvette.

The confused, concerned driver stops abruptly and jumps out of the car to see if he can render aid to (laid out on the ground) Marcel.

Driver: What can I do to help?!?!?

Marcel: Nothing really, but would you mind removing my suspenders from your sideview mirror.

ALPHA v0.3