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Name That Christmas Tune

Topic: holidays

Name That Christmas Tune

The following Christmas carols were written by government officials.

Can you guess the original titles?

1. Move Hither The Entire Assembly Of Those Who Are Loyal In Their Belief

2. Embellish Interior Passageways

3. Vertically Challenged Adolescent Percussionist

4. First Person Singular Experiencing An Hallucinatory Phenomenon Of A Natal Celebration Devoid Of Color

5. Soundless Nocturnal Period

6. Majestic Triplet Referred To In The First Person Plural

7. The Yuletide Occurance Preceding All Others

8. Precious Metal Musical Devices

9. Omnipotent Supreme Being Elicit Respite To Ecstatic Distinguished Males

10. Caribou With Vermillion Olfactory Appendage

11. Allow Crystalline Formations To Descend

12. Jovial Yuletide Desired For The Second Person Singular Or Plural By The First Person Plural

13. Commence Auditory Reception The Announcing Cherubs Vocalize

14. Kris Kringle Will Be Arriving In The City In The Not Too Distant Future

15. Bipedal Traveling Through An Amazing Acreage During The Period Between December 21st And March 21st In The Northern Hemisphere

16. Its Arrival Occurred At Twelve O'Clock During A Clement Nocturnal Period

17. Exclamatory Remark Concerning A Diminutive Municipality In Judea Southwest Of Jerusalem


1. O Come All Ye Faithful,

2. Deck The Halls,

3. The Little Drummer Boy,

4. I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas,

5. Silent Night,

6. We Three Kings,

7. The First Noel,

8. Silver Bells,

9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,

10. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,

11. Let It Snow,

12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas,

13. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,

14. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,

15. Walking In A Winter Wonderland,

16. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear,

17. O Little Town Of Bethlehem

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