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10 Reasons A Single Man Should Have A Cat Instead Of A

Topic: men-women

10 Reasons a Single Man Should Have a Cat Instead of a Girlfriend

1. You can have a cat declawed.

2. She'll only cost 25 cents a day to feed.

3. She already has a fur coat.

4. A box of catnip is cheaper than a bottle of wine.

5. It's a lot easier to make her purr and she doesn't complain if you don't purr.

6. Most girlfriends aren't natural pest control experts.

7. Flea collars are cheaper than diamond rings.

8. She may break your dishes, but she won't wreck your car.

9. She may complain if you pet another cat, but she won't leave you over it.

10. She'll never be late for dinner.

ALPHA v0.3