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A Comparison Of Computers And Women

Topic: men-women

A comparison of computers and women

Computer Woman

doesn't talk (much)(yet) =>> talks constantly

does what you tell it =>> often asks "why" or says "no"

does EXACTLY what you tell it =>> often intelligent

metallic taste or no taste =>> yummy pussy

hard metal case =>> soft skin

disk drives stay the same size =>> vagina stretches over time

standardized parts =>> each wants something different

comes with manuals =>> how the hell does this thing work?

multi-function mouse =>> multi-function mouth

doesn't care if you shower =>> insists on cleanliness

many GIF files =>> insists on monogamy

batch files automate activities =>> likes variety

sits there naked =>> spends money on clothes (but looks better naked)

looks impressive on desk =>> looks impressive on arm (or face :-)

can turn it off =>> demands attention

buying computer magazines helps you work with it =>> buying girly magazines makes it difficult to work with

usually grey or cream-colored =>> choice of several colors

keyboard commands =>> pressing clitoris makes it quiver

expensive =>> expensive

upkeep minimal =>> upkeep a major part of budget

one mouse =>> one breast for each hand

parallel or serial ports in back =>> usually dislikes anal sex

no reproductive capacity =>> gets pregnant at awkward times

can help you with budget =>> destroys budget

loads of software available =>> two soft breasts; hours of entertainment!

one switch turns it on =>> demands foreplay

can play games with it =>> will play games with you

operating system insures consistent behavior =>> rules change without warning

networking allows communication =>> if you do something stupid, all the other women know it immediately

ALPHA v0.3