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A Few Reasons Why Computers Are Better Than Women

Topic: men-women

A few reasons why computers are better than women

1- When a computer starts having fits you can turn it off.

2- You can have more than two computers without feeling guilty.

3- When a computer is wrong, and you know it's wrong, the computer won't argue.

4- When a computer has a fit it losses all your data, whereas a woman will remember every mistake you ever made leading up to the fit.

5- If you screw up you can blame a computer without the computer getting mad.

6- Computers don't whine (unless their broken)

7- You can blame almost any computer related problem on computers in general without a bunch of feminists hunting you down.

8- If your computer does little things that you hate you can usually fix it.

9- It's easy to pretend that you know more about computers than you actually do.

10-You can use a friend's computer without having to make up excuses for your own.

11-Insert just about every reason of "why beer is better than women" here, substituting the word "beer" with the word "computer".

12-Computers have more input ports (I know, that's sick. Sorry).

13-Even geeks can get computers (likewise many have them in place of women, heh heh heh).

14-Kompewtrs hav spel chekkrs.

15-When your computer gets old you can replace it easily.

16-Likewise you can replace certain computer parts with newer/faster/better ones

17-When a computer gets a virus you can get rid of it.

18-A computer won't give it's virus to you.

19-You can play DOOM on computers.

20-You bring over your friends' computers and have 4-player DOOM.

21-If you try either of the above two on women you will be thrown in jail.

22-Computers won't tell other computers/people how stupid you are.

Why Women are Better than Computers

1- Computers crash if they get too hot.

2- Women cost less (not in the prostitute sense).

3- Women cost less (in the prostitute sense).

4- Computers crash when they get wet.

5- Women have a better sense of humor.

6- Women cost less to maintain (with the exception of child support).

7- You usually have a woman all to yourself.

8- Women like to cuddle.

9- Women help out around the house when you're not playing with them. hehehe :)

10-Women can contribute to income.

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