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Why Ice Cream Is Better Than Men

Topic: men-women

Why Ice Cream Is Better Than Men

Ice cream never asks "Was it good for you too?"

Ice cream is still good when it's soft.

Ice cream is good with or without nuts.

Ice cream is ready any time of the day or night.

Any size ice cream can be satisfying.

Ice cream never finishes without you.

Ice cream comes in delicious flavors.

Ice cream lasts as long as you want it to.

It is alright for ice cream to be fruity.

Ice cream never asks "Where are my socks?"

Ice cream never has stubble.

For ice cream, frigid is not only O.K., it is preferred.

Ice cream doesn't get jealous if you try lots of different ice creams.

Ice cream tastes good.

Ice cream doesn't shrink when it gets cold.

You can get a double or triple with ice cream.

Ice cream doesn't have to be warmed up.

It is proper to lick ice cream at any time.

Ice cream gives pleasure even when served in an old, worn container.

Ice cream gives pleasure going down.

Ice cream is great after a workout.

If you're hungry, you can get a bigger portion.

Ice cream has no ego.

Ice cream may make you fat, but it never makes you pregnant.

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