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Why A Bottle Of Wine Is Better Than Men

Topic: men-women


It takes at least three bottles to give you a headache

You get a headache afterwards - Not before

You can have more than one a night without feeling guilty

You can have one whilst eating

A bottle of wine waits for you while you get ready

A wine improves when chilled

A wine matures with age

A wine gets more attractive as it gets older

You don't have to boost it's ego

When you finish a bottle of wine, you can have another straight away

Good wines aren't always completing

You can sample many wines, but always go back to your favorite

The cork isn't easy to get out, but it's always worth it in the end

If corked, you can send it back and get another

Wine doesn't run out of cotton shirts

Wine doesn't run out of clean underwear

Wine never falls asleep in front of the TV

You can always spit wine out if you don't like it

The fruitier the wine the better

Fruity full bodied wine don't mean over-sexed with a paunch

A bottle of wine keeps it's hand to itself

A wine doesn't mind if you don't drink it all the first time you try

Wine gets better if allowed to breathe

ALPHA v0.3