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There Was An Englishman An Irishman And A Scotsman Working On A

Topic: men-women

There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman working on a building site. They have decided to take a seat at the top of their crane to eat their lunches together. The Englishman opens his lunch box and looks at his sandwiches. "Fucking cheese and pickle" he shouts. "If I get cheese and pickle again tomorrow I'm going to jump off this crane".

Next, the Scotsman opens his lunch box and unwraps his sandwiches. "Fucking ham again" he says in a manner not too dissimilar to that of the Englishman. "If she gives me ham again tomorrow, I'm going to jump off this crane".

Lastly was the turn of the Irishman to open his lunch box up. He too looked at his sandwiches. "Fucking jam again," he shouts in his broad accent. "If I get jam sandwiches again tomorrow, I'm going to jump off this crane." The following day the three men are again at the top of the crane for their lunch. The Englishman opens up his lunch box and sees that again he has cheese and pickle sandwiches. As promised, he jumps off the crane. Next, the Scotsman opens up his lunch box, and he's got ham again and so also jumps off.

Lastly, the Irishman opens his lunch and he's got jam sandwiches. Without hesitation, he too jumps off. The three are buried together a few days later and at the funeral the wives are talking. "I honestly didn't realise he no longer liked cheese and pickle" said the Englishman's wife. "My husband has always liked ham sandwiches. I just can't understand it," says the Scotsman's wife. "Well my husband made his own sandwiches" replied the Irishman's wife.

ALPHA v0.3