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Top 10 Reasons Microsoft'S Manholes Covers Are Square

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Top 10 Reasons Microsoft's manholes covers are square:

10) Shortened beta test cycle.

9) City got a special deal for bundling square manhole covers with their manholes despite the presence of superior alternatives.

8) Microsoft Street For Windows crashes on circles. Tech support says Chicago has them, denies copying Apple/Cupertino's round covers.

7) Construction company had to sign non-competition agreement barring street developers from any contact with Euclid.

6) DR-DOS found compatible with round ones.

5) They make $49 dollars on each upgrade: manhole 1.0: original Manhole 1.1: turned 90 degrees! Manhole 1.2: Turned 180 degrees. Manhole 2.0 New Technology: flipped upside down.

4) Perfect game piece for acting out Human Minesweeper tournaments.

3) Ziff-Davis publishing pushing Square Manhole World.

2) To prepare for Windows Everywhere: Windows For Manhole Covers.

1) Every circle reminds The Bill of "O"-S-2.

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