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Subject Microsoft Is Going To Use A Rolling Stones Song...

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Subject: Microsoft is going to use a Rolling Stones song...

LONDON (AP) -- The Rolling Stones have broken their ban on selling song rights to advertisers, in a multimillion-dollar deal that will let U.S. computer giant Microsoft use their old hit "Start Me Up," it was reported.

Billionaire Microsoft chief Bill Gates inquired about using the song to promote his Windows 95 software system, and Stones singer Mick Jagger set a price of $12 million, according to The Sun, a national tabloid.

"When Microsoft approached Mick, he quoted a ludicrous amount of money thinking they would turn him down," an unidentified Stones source was quoted as telling The Sun for a story published Wednesday. "To his surprise they agreed almost immediately."

The Stones won't even have to appear in the commercial, The Sun said. This is the first time Jagger and Keith Richards, the Stones songwriters, have allowed songs for which they own the copyrights to be used in a commercial, according to The Sun and Thursday's editions of the Financial Times.

A Stones publicist did not immediately return phone calls from The Associated Press.

Earlier Stones songs, for which Jagger and Richards do not control the copyrights, have appeared in commercials.

Gates apparently felt "Start Me Up" would be perfect for advertising his software because the first thing a user must do after turning on the computer is to click the mouse on a button that says "start," the FT said.

The financial daily said that the new commercials will begin appearing next Thursday in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Australia -- the main markets for Windows 95.

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