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Santa Says No To Bill Gates

Topic: microsoft

Santa Says NO to Bill Gates

North Pole News:

(North Pole) -- In a surprise move, Santa Claus decided not to accept an offer from Microsoft to include a free copy of Microsoft Word '95 in each childs stocking. The Radmond, Washington based software manufacturer had planned to distribute over 50-million free copies of it's new word processing program.

In a statement released from the North Pole, Santa says "While the offer seemed generous, There was a catch". The jolly old elf says "children would have to buy a copy of Windows '95 before they could use Word '95". Santa's spokes- elf, Winkey, says "the offer was just a clever marketing ploy to sell copies of Microsoft's new operating system".

Speaking from his new puget sound home, Gates told the Un- associated press he was very upset with Santa and had instructed his future acquisitions department to consider a hostile takeover of Santa's North Pole Operation.

(c-1995 The Un-Associated Press)

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