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The Gi In Vietnam

Topic: military

The GI In Vietnam

"How can you tell a Viet Cong from a patriotic South Vietnamese?" the nervous private asked the seasoned sergeant.

"Simple," the sergeant drawled. "You just holler, `To hell with Ho Chi Minh!' and see how he reacts."

A few days later, while visiting the company hospital, the sergeant saw the private lying in a bed, badly battered. "What happened to you?" the sergeant asked. "Didn't you remember to do what I told you?"

"Sure I did," the private answered weakly. "I saw this guy coming out of the brush and I yelled, "To Hell with Ho Chi Minh!"

"And What happened?"

"He yelled back, `To hell with L.B.J.!'--and while we were standing in the middle of the clearing shaking hands, a tank ran over us!"

ALPHA v0.3