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For A Limited Time Only You Can Order The Oj Simpson

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For a limited time only you can order the OJ Simpson Commemorative Knife Set.

This set includes a 8" Hunting Knife a 7" Carving Knife and the ever popular 6" Fillet Knife. These knives are made of the finest Spanish Steel and never need sharpening. Also if you order today you will also receive as a free gift a pair of Isotoner Gloves absolutely free. If you order the Deluxe model you will receive not only these three fine knives and the gloves you will also receive absolutely free and autographed picture of Johnnie Cocharan. This set comes in a Ski Masked Designer Box and is a must for every household. Don't be left out this is a one time offer and will not be repeated again. You can't purchase this in any store you can only receive this exciting offer by calling 1-800-JOH-NNIE. Credit Cards ONLY!

ALPHA v0.3