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Dr. Suess Interviews Clinton

Topic: politics

Dr. Suess interviews Clinton

I'm here to ask as you'll soon see,

Did you grope Miss Lewinsky?

Did you grope her in your house?

Did you grope beneath her blouse?

I did not do that here or there.

I did not do that anywhere!

I did not do that near or far.

I did not do that Starr-you Are!

Did you smile? Did you flirt?

Did you peek beneath her skirt?

And did you tell the girl to lie,

when called upon to testify?

I do not like you Starr-you-Are.

I think that you have gone too far!

I will not answer anymore,

perhaps I will go start a war!

The public's easy to distract

when bombs are falling on Iraq!

ALPHA v0.3