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What Does Waco Stand For?

Topic: politics

What Does WACO stand for?

We All Cremated Ourselves

When Attacked, CookOut!

We're All Crunchy Omelets.

We're All Coscientious Objectors.

We All Cooked Overly well.

What A Cooked Odor.

Why A Children's Ordeal?

What A Cool Open field!

Why Are Cultists Obnoxious?

Who's A Christian Occasionally?

We Are Combustable OK

Well Attended Cook-Out

We Ain't Coming Out

What are All those Cops doin' Out there?

We Are Completely Outre'

We Are the Church of Ordinance

We Are Christ's Outpost

What the ATF Can't Outrun

We Are Clinical Outpatients

ALPHA v0.3