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Coming Soon To Broadway ...

Topic: politics

Coming Soon To Broadway ...

After A SMASH Hit Run In Urbane Waco, TX ...

F.B.I. Productions Presents ...

By Special Arrangement With The Council for Harboring Religiously Insane Saviors and Terrorists (CHRIST) ...

A Koresh Line

Featuring the hit songs:

"I need this gun. I really need this gun..."

"One singular sensation, every little Fed he shoots..."

See "A Koresh Line" soon. The critics are raving just as much as the title character:

"'A Koresh Line' is knocking them dead." - Waco Tribune

"We're doing a booming business." - Waco Gun And Package Store

"I don't think this engagement will ever end." - FBI Spokesperson

"Did WE say thirty minutes to deliver ANYWHERE?" - Domino's

NOTE: The producers reserve the right to cancel the Broadway premiere for a special command performance of ten to twenty years in Leavenworth.

(Sorry Show canceled due to fire hazard to theatre.)

ALPHA v0.3