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Error Messages Guide

Topic: programming

Error Messages Guide

Here is a "quick guide" to what your PC means when it gives you on-screen messages:

Message: Bad command or file name

Meaning: You idiot, you can't even get the file name right. Or else the file doesn't even exist, in which case you are stupid beyond mortal comprehension.

Message: Program requires [a large number] bytes of memory to run.

Meaning: You asshole, it's just like you to waste memory.

Message: [while booting]: HIMEM is testing extended memory.....done.

Meaning: NOMEM is pretending to test your memory that, huge chunks of which are allegedly free, but your computer will not use about 3/4 of, the reason being that it is generally an angry piece of silicon shit.

Message: [When trying to access an online service]: Service is not responding, please wait a few moments and try again.

Meaning: You are an insignificant pimple on our rear, and we don't have to serve you if we don't want to. Go fuck a large member of the Bovine family.

Message: Unidentified error.

Meaning: You need to spend more money on me before I'm going to do anything consistently.

Message: Cannot find file.

Meaning: Are you kidding? I'm a computer. If you think I'm going to waste my time rummaging around for something as insignificant as an extremely important file, you're a real dullard.

ALPHA v0.3