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The Hacker'S Song

Topic: programming

The Hacker's Song


I'm a hacker and I'm OK

I work all night and I sleep all day.

I wrote some hacks in APL, each on a single line.

They're mutually recursive, and run in n-squared time.


Oh, he's a hacker and he's ok,

He works all night and he sleeps all day.

I'm a hacker and I'm ok,

I work all night and I sleep all day.


I wrote two hacks in Macro, with UUO's galore.

One plays Nim on the console lights while the other zeros core.


I wrote a hack in SNOBOL

with FORTRAN subroutines.

It spits out trashy stories

for ladies' magazines.


I wrote some hacks in InterLisp,

they barely fit in core.

The swapper thrashed its guts out,

So now it runs no more.


I wrote a hack in microcode,

with a goto on each line.

It runs as fast as Superman,

But not quite every time.


I wrote some hacks in Ada,

and still can't run them yet.

Do you suppose we'll see that day?

On it I would not bet.


I wrote a hack for UNIX,

when it was still in vogue.

It knows the tricks to PacMan,

and plays mean games of Rogue.


I wrote some hacks, distributed,

across our neat gateway.

Each one of its 10 functions

kills RIG in a different way!


I wrote some hacks in Mlisp,

to edit files of root.

It writes them back no-execute,

and now it won't reboot!


I wrote some hacks to manage jobs

with PLITS and IPC.

Its very first activity

was firing the faculty.


I wrote some hacks with P and V

to synchronize my life.

Now I can't use the bathroom,

I'm deadlocked with my wife!


I wrote a hack (in theory),

it may not ever halt.

But if it does, just watch out...

[Fatal Error: Infinite Page Fault]


I wrote a hack with hough transforms

for the folks at DoD.

It'll guide their fancy missiles

to Washington D.C.


I'm a hacker and I'm OK

I work all night and I sleep all day.

I'll have a system of my own someday,

that'll run my code in a hacked up way.

ALPHA v0.3