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Dream(1L) Eunuch Programmers Manual Dream(1L)

Topic: programming



dream - suspend execution for an interval while executing random code in memory


dream [-d][[-nrRsw] [time]]


Dream suspends execution of the current proces for time seconds, while simulating a dream sequence by executing random segments of code in memory. All devices are paralyzed (blocked) to prevent dangerous side-effects. The options are as follows:

-d daydream. code seems to be more related to the actual suspended process, and suspension will be for a limited amount of time. Attention can be restored by snapping fingers next to keyboard.

-n nightmare. Repeated references to the system error logs are made during execution.

-r recurring. The code of a previous execution will be re-selected for this dream.

-R REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The current value of the PC is is flashed on the screen for every instruction.

-s sleepwalking. Tape drives will be sent many alternating fast-forward and rewind requests and/or line printers sent many alternating carraige-return and tab codes to promote movement of machine(s) across floor. Stopping these devices may confuse the program.

-w wet dream. The code is selected from the sex(1l) program.

Dream will invoke automatically with the -d option when the system proves extremely slow.

The relation of the randomly-executed code to the subconcious (background tasks) of the current processes is suspected but has not been proven.


do not select the -w option without covering the keyboard.


sleep(1), sex(1l), dream(3l), alarm(3C)

ALPHA v0.3