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The Ghost Program

Topic: programming


tune "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

An old programmer hacked his code, alone and late at night

He tried to save his program just in case he had it right

When all at once, an error message flashed across the screen

An OS dump in octal -- from a virtual machine

Yippee A.I. -- Yippee I/O

The ghost program in the drive

The drives were spinning backwards and the heads began to seek

The printer gave ten formfeeds, then started printing Greek

The speaker screamed and giggled through the tolling of a bell

And the picture on the monitor -- was an inside view of Hell

The flames were red and ravenous to torture all the damned

The daemons stood there laughing with their pitchforks in their hands

Control-C wouldn't kill it, RESET wouldn't work at all

When he tried to pull the power cord -- it was welded to the wall

The program finally ran its course, and off the screen it scrolled

But the last two lines it printed out, they made his blood run cold

"Programmer, change your ways today or this will be your fate:

You'll come back as machine code -- for an 8088"

Yippee A.I. -- Yippee I/O

The ghost program in the drive

ALPHA v0.3