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Are You A Net Geek?

Topic: programming

Are You a Net Geek?

You know you've been on the 'net too long, when:

1. Your System Administrator complains that your kill file(s) has maxed out the file system, and is there any way to archive it?

2. You still haven't changed all those .arpa addresses in your address book of old friends.

3. Your news feed is from Australia because they are the only ones who still provide net-news via dial-up uucp.

4. You are still planning a transition to NCP on 64K leased-line because you're not sure this TCP thing will last.

5. You spend 100 hours porting NNTP to your Sun 100U. Who's bright idea was it to change the function definition syntax in C, anyway?

6. Your old e-mail buddys' children send you more e-mail then your old e-mail buddys.

7. You finally switch to pine, but it invokes ed, not pico.

8. Your postings consist entirely of abbreviations.

9. You've mastered every form of Internet Rhetoric:

a. You disagree with me and you said so, so you're trying to censor me, therefore you are a Nazi.

b. I am standing up for a right and you disagree with me, so you are anti-rights, and therefore a Nazi.

c. I am an agreeable person and you are disagreeing with me, so you are a disagreeable person with the personality of Hitler and therefore a Nazi.

10. You feel that the Golden age of the net ended with one of:

a. Introduction of the .com domain or CIX

b. Introduction of CsNet

c. Dismantlement of CsNet

d. Windows-based news readers & SMTP

e. moscvax

(and maybe I should add 11. You understand all of the above 10!)

ALPHA v0.3