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You Know You Are A Cajun If

Topic: regional


You no longer worry about being below sea level

The only four seasons you know are: shrimp, crab, crawfish and oyster

You consider reinforcing your attic to store more beads

First thing you do before starting the coffee is make a pot of rice

You know that the Eastbank is on the north side of the River and the Westbank is on the south side of the River

You think purple, green and gold look good together and will even eat food those colors

You take coffee and seasonings with you on vacation

You call tomato sauce "red gravy"

You are not afraid if somebody tells you they want to "axe" you

You eat sno-balls instead of throwing them

You can pronounce Tchoupitoulas correctly and without laughing

You are not alarmed by finding toy dolls in your pastries

You refer to a certain hue as K&B purple

You drink Dixie instead of singing it

You would not be caught dead with a Pat O's hurricane

You don't keep newspapers for recycling, but for place mats at crawfish boils

You exhibit "doubloon reflex" by stomping runaway quarters with your foot

You know the best "doughnuts" are square and have no holes

You sound nothing like Harry Connick Jr or those actors from "The Big Easy"

You don't giggle when you refer to your ex-mayor as Dutch or Moon

You tell someone how you are when they ask "where you're at"

Your favorite team wins the first four games and you celebrate

Your favorite team loses the next eight and you still pay money to go to the game

You complain about the four or five month summer, but feel great when the Northerners are shoveling snow

You know you are a native New Orleanian if you could never ever live anywhere else in the world

You consider Breaux Bridge the state capitol and Lafayette the nation's capitol.

You think the Mason-Dixon line runs through the Winn Dixie in Bunkie.

You have never vacationed north of the old Mississippi River Bridge on US Hwy 190.

You consider the seasons of the year to be Winter, Spring, Summer, and Hunting.

You are asked to name the four seasons and your reply is "onions, celery, bell pepper, and garlic."

You refer to Louisiana winters as "gumbo weather."

You have used a gill net to play volleyball, tennis, or badminton.

Your outboard motor has more horsepower than your car.

Your boat has a higher appraised value than your house.

You use a #3 washtub to cover your lawnmower or outboard motor.

You use 2 or more pirogues to protect your tomatoes from a late frost.

After a hurricane you pray for a little rain shower to wash the mud off of the grass.

You would pass up a free trip abroad if the date was in conflict with the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge.

You played your first game of Bourre while sitting in a high chair.

You stand when they play Jolie' Blond.

Your high school band's rendition of the national anthem starts with "Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, File' Gumbo."

You make the sign of the cross when you pass by Floyd's Record Shop in Ville Platte.

You think the Fab Four are Doug Kershaw, Wayne Toups, Clifton Chenier, and Rocking Doopsie.

Watching "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" makes you hungry.

Fred's lounge in Mamou means more to you than the Grand Ole Opry.

Your favorite band has an accordion player and fiddler, but no guitarist.

The females in your family can't dance until they take their shoes off.

You think "Baywatch" is an environmental group.

You think "Damm Yankees" is a play about a cracker from North Louisiana.

Your dessert recipes call for jalapeno peppers.

You start making an Angel Food cake with a Roux.

You think boudin, hog's head cheese and a bud is a snack.

You think the four food groups are boiled seafood, fried seafood, broiled seafood, and beer.

You take one bite of a 5 alarm chilie and reach for the Tabasco.

In describing a gourmet dinner you use the term "deep fat fried."

You describe a yard of boudin and pound of cracklins as breakfast.

Your mama announces each morning, "Well, I've got the rice cooking, what are we having for supper?"

You let your black coffee cool off and find that it has jelled up.

You think a lobster is a crawfish on steroids.

Your favorite book starts with "First you make a roux..."

You sit down to eat boiled crawfish, and your host tells you, "Don't eat the dead ones....," and you know what he means.

You have given up Tabasco for Lent.

You can estimate the amount of gravy required to cover the rice while it's still in the field.

You think four dozen oysters and a six-pack constitute a ten-course meal.

You have ever used a trash can lid for a pot cover.

Your name ends in "-eaux" or "-oux".

You have ever gone to confession to confess for coveting a shrimp boat.

You have ever greeted someone at the Lafayette Airport by shouting, "AAAHEEEEEEEE."

When your wife gives you an angry look, you describe it as "she passed me a pair of eyes."

You don't know any of your friends real names, only their nicknames.

You have more than one relative whose first name is "T" or "Boo."

Your have relatives whose first names are "Taunt" and "Nonc".

You have a "Parrain" instead of a godfather.

You know the difference between Zatarains, Zydeco, and Zeringue.

Your dogs kennel is the bed of your truck.

You know what an envy is, but you have never heard of a craving, urge or yen.

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