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Cohen Nails

Topic: religion

Cohen Nails

Mr. Cohen Sr. has worked his whole life, dedicated to his nail business. On his 70th birthday, he decides he's ready to retire to Florida, so he gives the nail business to his son and goes to Florida.

Six months later Cohen Sr. gets a phone call from Cohen Jr., "Hi Dad! Guess what! I've come up with a great new advertising campaign for the business. You'll be so proud. Come on out--you've got to see it." So Cohen Sr. eagerly flies back home to see his son's accomplishment.

Cohen Jr. picks his father up from the airport and they drive to the factory. Halfway there, Cohen Jr. points out a billboard to his father. It is a picture of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross. The slogan below says, "For the toughest job, use Cohen's nails!"

Aghast, Cohen Sr., gasps, "Oy! Son, I'm sorry, but you can't use that. That will never work for advertising."

Cohen Jr. relents to his father's experienced wisdom and immediately removes the offensive billboards. Cohen Sr. travels back to Florida.

Six months later, the father again receives a phone call. "Dad, I took your advice and got rid of the old ad campaign. Now I've come up with something even better! Come on out and look!"

Cohen Sr. again flies out, and again, his son drives him from the airport to the factory. Two miles out from the factory, Cohen Sr. draws his breath rapidly. On the billboard, is a picture of a cross, with Christ crumpled in a heap at the bottom. The slogan says,

"You should have used Cohen's nails!"

ALPHA v0.3