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Hell For Some Of Us

Topic: religion

Hell For Some Of Us

A mad died and went to hell. When he got there, he was led to a room that turned out to be a parochial school classroom. The meanest battle axe of a nun then came to the front of the room and ordered the man to sit up straight and listen.

From time the man would slouch in his seat or doze off, and every such time the nun would rap the man's knuckles. Also, from time to time the nun would interrupt her lecture and order the man to repeat what he had heard. If he forgot anything, she would rap his knuckles and berate him.

After several days of this, the man got up, left the room, and demanded to see the devil in charge. "How long does this have to go on?" he demanded.


"Can't I be thrown in a fiery pit instead?" he asked.


"I thought hell was fire and brimstone--not Catholic school."

"For some people, but not you."

"But why me?"

Finally the devil explained. "You have to go back to that room and stay there forever for that nun. You see, she's in heaven."

ALPHA v0.3