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Is There Music In Heaven?

Topic: religion

Is there music in Heaven?

Reverend Evans died and went to heaven. Strolling through the clouds on his first day, he went hours without seeing another soul. At the end of the day he found only three other men. They didn't seem to be too happy. One explained that his afterlife was dull. He read all day, napped, and once in a while exercised. Puzzled, the reverend asked Saint Peter if a scouting trip to Hell was possible? Saint Peter waved an okay.

The reverend found himself in a fiery region, but as he walked on, he heard music coming from the distance. He walked faster...almost breaking into a run, and soon arrived at a strange scene. He seemed to be in some kind of restaurant. People sat at tables drinking and laughing. On the huge dance floor, thousands, perhaps millions, of people danced to a rock-an-roll ensemble with twenty guitarists, a dozen men at synthesizers, and drummers too numerous to count.

Now even more puzzled, the reverend asked to be returned to heaven. He asked Saint Peter, "How come Hell is dancing and music, and up here things are so quiet?"

Saint Peter answered, "Do you think we'd hire a band for just three or four people?"

ALPHA v0.3