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The Parrot And The Preacher

Topic: religion

The Parrot And The Preacher

An old lady had a pet parrot that she was extremely proud of. At one time it had belonged to a sailor who had taught it a varied and colorful list of words. But after thirty years of training she felt certain that, not only had she completely broken the parrot's tendency to swear, but had taught him important and edifying quotations which he would recite on cue.

One afternoon, her preacher stopped by for tea. Noticing the parrot, he remarked "My, what an impressive bird."

Beaming with pride, the old lady said, "Pull his left leg, Reverend." The preacher complied, and the parrot responded by reciting the 23rd Psalm.

"That's amazing," said the preacher. "Now pull his right," said the old lady. The preacher did, and the parrot sang a beautiful rendition of "Ave Maria."

Astounded, the preacher mused, "I wonder what would happen if both his legs were pulled at once?"

"I'd fall and bust my ass, you stupid son of a bitch!" snapped the parrot.

ALPHA v0.3