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The Irish Ladys Daughter

Topic: religion

The Irish Ladys Daughter

There was a poor Irish lady who worked two jobs at menial wages in order to send her daughter to the US where she'd have better economic opportunities. After years of saving nickels & dimes from her meager wages, she finally had enough money to purchase a boat ticket to the US for her daughter - in steerage, of course.

A few months after she'd seen her daughter off, she received via Federal Express a 1st class air ticket to New York. She boarded the aircraft, had a wonderful flight (during which she consumed an excess of the spirits because they were free), and floated off the aircraft at Kennedy Airport. At the gate, she was surprised to see that her daughter, who had left Ireland with her one woolen dress, attired fashionably & wearing a mink coat.

After navigating Customs, she was even more surprised to find a chaffered limousine awaiting them at the curb. On the way to Manhattan, the mother finally asked,

"Daughter, how could you possibly afford to fly me 1st class across the ocean, wear beautiful clothes including a mink coat, and a limousine to transport us to the big city - all within just a few months of leaving the Emerald Isle?

"Well, Mother, I wasn't going to tell you so soon, but I'm a prostitute."

Thereon, the mother fainted dead away. Awakening a few minutes later, the mother asked for a repeat,

"What did you say?"

"I'm a prostitute, Mother."

"Oh, thank God. I thought you said, 'Protestant'."

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