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An Oldish Nun In Full Penguin Garb Was Standing Next To A Very

Topic: religion

An oldish nun, in full "penguin" garb was standing next to a VERY busy wide road wanting to get to the other side, but not standing much of a chance with the traffic passing at high speeds in a continuing stream. Just then a huge motorcycle driven by a leather jacketted, chain bedecked heavily bearded man comes roaring along. As he passes her he notices the nun, makes an extremely dangerous turn in the road, roars back, parks his bike next to the road, jumps off, dashes into the middle of the road, gesticulates, holds up his hands and manages to stop the traffic. The nun walks across to the other side and our bearded hero gets out of the way letting the traffic resume. When he gets to his bike, the nun awaits him and thanking him she expresses some surprise at his daringly good manners and concern for her, traits not normally associated with the looks of him and the like. His response, "Hey man, believe me, any friend of Batman's a friend o' mine."

ALPHA v0.3