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Did Jesus Play Bridge?

Topic: religion

Did Jesus Play Bridge?

Did Jesus and Mary Magdalen ever... well, you know...

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

Play contract bridge? Of course they did -- don't you remember from Sunday School? Mark 17:57-61:

57 And in the third rubber, Jesus was in the East, and Mary of Magdala was in the West; and they did contend with Judas, who is called Iscariot, and Omar, who is called Sharif. And Mary said, "Lord, I will do Thy bidding."

58 And Judas spake, saying, "Let Him do His own bidding. And no table-talk."

59 And the bidding was as follows: Pass, and Pass, and Pass; and then Jesus spake, saying "Seven No-Trump," and laid down His cards.

60 And lo, though He had been dealt rubbish -- the hand of Yarborough of the Chaldees -- He now held all of the points, and also the ten of spades.

61 And Mary of Magdala knelt down, and washed His feet with her hair. And Judas spake in wrath, saying, "Hey -- no signalling!"

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