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A Visit With The Pope

Topic: religion


There's this guy whose lifelong ambition is to meet the Pope. One day he buys an airline ticket to Vatican City and heads off to finally realize his dream. He wants to make a good impression so he buys a new designer suit and tie and a new pair of shoes.

He arrives at the place the Pope greets people after delivering his sermons. There is a crowd waiting but he manages to get to the front right near the door where the Pope will come out. Just behind him is a smelly beggar dressed in torn rags with no shoes. When the Pope comes out he walks right past this man and up to the beggar and begins talking to him before going off to greet other followers.

The man cannot believe it. His big day and he is completely ignored in favor of a smelly man in rags. He goes up to the beggar and asks if he wishes to swap his rags for the man's new suit and shoes. The beggar of course agrees and they swap clothes.

The next day the man again waits for the Pope, this time wearing the beggar's rags. Again he gets a spot right near the door and he knows he will meet the Pope this time since he looks like a beggar. When the Pope emerges he walks right up to the man and says "Hey, didn't I tell you yesterday to piss off!"

ALPHA v0.3