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The New Priest And The Bayou

Topic: religion

The New Priest And The Bayou

A priest in Cajun Country grew tired of hearing, in confession after confession, "I have committed the sin of adultery." So, at the next mass, he announced to the parishioners that from now on, he wanted them to say they fell in the bayou.

This arrangement worked. Time went on. The priest died and a new priest came to the parish.

Concerned for his parishioners, the priest visited the police juror. "Something must be done about the bayou in my parish. People keep falling into it."

The police juror laughed and told the priest to go to the mayor. The mayor also laughed at the priest's request, then sent him on to the state legislator for that district.

The priest told the legislator his story. "You must do something about the bayou. My people keep falling in."

The legislator laughed. Unable to control himself, the priest shouted "It's not funny! Why, just last week, your wife fell in the bayou six times!"

ALPHA v0.3