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The Man'S A Saint

Topic: religion

The Man's A Saint

There is a small church that grew very fast. It grew so fast that the Pastor had to start a building fund to get a larger church. There were two brothers who attended this church for all their life, they could remember back when it was very small with just a few members. They were there every Sunday and tithed faithfully. The only problem was that the life they led outside of church was not Christian. They cheated on their wives and cheated people in their business dealings, nice guys, they just didn't live good Christian lives.

One day one of the brothers died. As the pastor was studying for Sunday's sermon, the other brother came in and gave the pastor an envelope. This brother told the pastor that there was enough money in the envelope to completely build the new church. The only requirement was that the pastor had to say the brother was a saint. The pastor thought for a while, then picked up the envelope. The next day, he put the money in the bank and started the process for building.

When the time for the funeral came, the pastor stood up and started to speak. "This man was a lying, worthless sinner," he said. "He cheated on his wife, cheated men in his business dealings, and was a hypocrite in church. He never once did anything that was not in his best interest. However, compared to his brother, this man was a saint!"

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